Connekters Internships Program


Connekters internships program

About Us

Connekters is a unique online platform that works on connecting different stakeholders to each other into achieving win-win situations.

Connekters internships  work on discovering the limitless skills and capabilities of the talented and unexplored community of youth, connecting them to companies worldwide and evolving the world of careers and employment opportunities.

Students and fresh graduates struggle to gain experience and training value in internships and entry-level positions judge applicants based on their CV’s, rather than proven abilities.


Our Methodology

To have youth take off by combining knowledge with early experience to “build them” in real time through meaningful workshops and time for iterations

The Process (Road Map)

Connekters provide students and fresh graduates with an intensive 2 weeks general program, on all the prominent skills required to be considered for an entry level position, as well as connecting students with companies seeking young talents. Through the following steps road map Connekters achieves a guarenteed  success :


  • Assignments and learning resources
  • Practical Workshops, 10 Accredited hours of pure Entrepreneurial and business related workshops by Innovation Cafe
  • Real time exercise, while workshops are on going students will have access to innovation cafe and Becreative brand studio operations and work.



  • Filtration Process, where students need to pass the due diligence to go through the internship.



  • Matching with Corporates and Startups
  • Have a feedback loop



  • Effort recognition
  • Community building
  • Graduation!



Recruitment Phase

  • Students will have to register through an application through Connekters website.
  • Students will go on 2 weeks of intensive workshops that will qualify and set them up for any internships coming their way.
  • After the workshops Students will get divided into teams and given a study case to solve.
  • Due Diligence Phase: according to the way each student participated in their own team and how they reached to the solution
  • IF students passed the due diligence, we start matching them to Corporates and startups. // they will be Connekters certified


Internship Phase

  • We Match the students skills and capabilities to the needed market (Corporate or startup)
  • Every student will have an assigned Coach from connekters for Support
  • Internship will take from ( 1Month – 3 Months)
  • After the Internship we will require a performance letter from the Corporate/Startup to support the student.


Workshops :

  • Ethics in Communication
  • Office Administration : Different type of PO, MOU, NDA,confidentiality Documents excel, words and filing
  • Project Management : The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirement
  • Marketing and sales: Foundation of marketing strategies and sales to be used in any kind of a business
  • Proposals and presentations : Basics to addressing an idea, projects thorough tackling proposal writing and pitching skills



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